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Geranium Rosemary Replenish Shampoo & Conditioner ~ Combo Pack


Nurture, nourish & treat your hair & scalp with earthbody Geranium Rosemary Replenish Shampoo & Conditioner ~ created from 100% Pure ~ Natural ~ Organic hair loving ingredients ~ enriched with a creamy luxurious hair nutrient rich blend of Natural Fruit, Plant & Nut Botanicals for you to rediscover hair wellness & to wonderfully cleanse, condition, de-tangle, restore moisture & lustre & instantly revitalise to leave your hair looking & feeling silky, soft & shiny & improve your hair’s overall health 100% Naturally

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Choose your own Blends – Skincare Pack

$99.95 $89.96

Our Invest in You Skincare Packs are made for everyone.

The Pack contains

  • Auroma Diffuser with interchangeable lights and working modes (continuous or alternating)
  • Your choice of a 10ml Pure Natural Essential Oil Blend from our Range
  • Your choice of a 250g Bath Salt Blend from our Range
  • A delicious smelling Natural 125ml Jasmine Orange Moisturizer
  • An all in one 100ml Bottle of completely Pure Jojoba Oil. Amazing for all skin conditions, and hair growth.
  • And a complimentary Bath Sponge

Our little Goodie Pack is the perfect gift for yourself, a friend or family. Choose the blends that suit you best and what your body needs.

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Marigold Essential Oil


Therapeutic ~ Aromatherapy Grade
Botanical name: Tagetus minuta
Extraction Method : Steam Distilled
Plant Part Used : Flowers & leaves
Strength of Aroma : Medium
Aromatic Scent : Warm, Sweet fruitiness & Slightly woody
100% Pure ~ 100% Chemical Free ~ 100% Strength

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Canteloupe Oil


earthsgarden Canteloupe Oil is a rare & exquisite oil ~ offers a multitude of skin-friendly vitamins & a deeply nourishing skin boost ~ an absolute treat for your skin ~ helps stimulate skin cell growth & increases collagen production ~ promotes the reversal of ageing & damaged skin ~ helps reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles ~ regenerates skin cells to keep skin firm, plump & supple & a powerhouse of antioxidants to enhance glowing & youthful skin . 100% Naturally

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Milk Thistle Seed Oil


earthsgarden Milk Thistle Oil is one of nature’s most powerful skin superfoods ~ contains potent healing nutrient antioxidants, detoxifying, moisturising & purifying & restorative properties~ reduces the signs of skin ageing ~nourishes & improves skin elasticity ~ promotes glowing, smooth & youthful feeling & looking skin healthy skin . 100% Naturally

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Lavender Hydrosol ( Floral Water )


earthsgarden Lavender Hydrosol is an absolutely wonderful hydrating mist which keeps your skin moist & rich in living energy & will help nourish ~ nurture ~ replenish ~ tone & moisturise ~ leaving your skin refreshed, hydrated & healthy to experience a radiant & glowing complexion . 100% Naturally

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Aloe Vera Oil


earthsgarden Aloe Vera Oil has a pH balance nearly identical to that of our own skin which makes it an amazing skin nutrient healing & anti-ageing tonic ~ delivers oxygen & essential health promoting biological stimulators directly into cells ~ all contribute to its absolutely wonderful beneficial higher healing nature & a skin treat you will never forget . 100% Naturally

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Psoriasis Ease Healing Balm Skin Therapy


earthbody Psoriasis Ease ~ 100% Pure ~ Natural ~ Organic Healing Balm Skin Therapy is an extremely effective remedy & natural alternative that helps heal & diminish psoriasis & scarring & keeps your skin healthy, nourished & psoriasis free ~ 100% Naturally

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