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Mango, Rose & Orange Body Butter Bars

[mv_create title=”Mango, Rose & Orange Body Butter Bars” key=”12″ type=”recipe” thumbnail=”https://essencefromearth.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/body-butter.jpg”] 

Cocoa Almond & Vanilla Body Butter Bars

[mv_create title=”Cocoa Almond & Vanilla Body Butter Bars” key=”13″ thumbnail=”https://essencefromearth.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/Untitled-design-7.jpg” type=”recipe”]

Peppermint Citrus Detox Cleansing Serum

20g Red Clay 30g Yellow Clay 10g Almond Meal 15ml Lavender Floral Water (or any

Rose & Patchouli Revitalising Face Mask

10g Red Clay 15g White Clay 10ml distilled/purified water or Rose Floral Water 5ml Aloe

Peppermint & Tea Tree Deodorizing Foot Treatment

50g Yellow Clay 15ml Tea Tree Floral Water (purified water or any floral water of

Spearmint Detox Cleansing Serum

50g Yellow Clay 10g Almond Meal 15ml Lavender Floral Water (or any floral water of

Citrus & Lavender Revitalising Face Mask

20g Yellow Clay 10ml distilled/purified water 5ml Aloe Vera Gel 3 drops Lavender Pure Essential

Rosehip Jojoba & Neroli Anti Aging Moisturising Lotion ~ Mature Aging Skin

100ml Lotion Base 10ml Rosehip Oil 10ml Camellia Oil 5ml Vitamin E 15 drops Neroli

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